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Projecting Soft Power Through Hard Talk
Western envoys have often played the role of gadfly in Bulgarian affairs, to good effect.
By Boyko Vassilev

Armenia’s Crisis and the Legacy of Victory
More than 20 years after it ended, Armenia is still experiencing the burden of victory in the war over Nagorno Karabakh. From openDemocracy.
By Tom de Waal

Where It’s Illegal to Make Noise in Churches and Cemeteries
Who are the Russians being tried for ‘hooliganism’ under Article 213 of the criminal code?
By Elena Shmaraeva


August 10

Nearly 200 Suspected Islamist Radicals Jailed in Separate Tajik Trials
Two cases underscore the government’s hard line approach to dealing with those it believes subscribe to foreign versions of Islam.

Kosovo Opposition Fails Yet Again to Block Border Deal
Nationalists are dead set against a border rectification agreement with Montenegro, and heightened cooperation with Serbia.

Pipeline Plan Beneficiary of Rekindled Russian-Turkish Relationship
Shelved last year after a diplomatic spat, TurkStream is back on, potentially jeopardizing other pipeline projects in the region.

Bold Mongolian Girl Stars in New Documentary
Set amid stunning mountain scenery, ‘The Eagle Huntress’ follows a teenager’s dream of becoming a master of her craft.


August 11

Russia Boasts of Routing Ukrainian Saboteurs in Crimea
Kyiv says the Kremlin invented the entire escapade to deflect attention from its own plans to further militarize the Russian-controlled peninsula.

Romania Dismisses Sky News Gun-Smuggling Story as ‘Setup’
British broadcast on arms trafficking in Romania scrutinized for alleged unethical
journalistic conduct.

Pundits Dissect Baku Summit
The leaders of Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan talked transport and energy projects,
while the question of how to deal with resurgent Turkey loomed as a backdrop.

August 12

Russia Fines Google for Anti-Trust Violation
Apple could also face sanctions as Moscow continues to narrow the playing field for
foreign tech companies.

War of Words Over Crimea Continues
Tension between Moscow and Kyiv rises to highest level since a shaky cease-fire took
hold in eastern Ukraine last winter.

Controversial Russian Anti-Terrorism Law Hits First Target
Krishna follower faces sanctions for speaking to passers-by and handing out religious books.

New Serbian Government Vows East-West Balancing Act
New cabinet, again led by former hardline nationalist Vucic, marks a breakthrough
for gay rights in the Balkans.

Balkan Officials Defend Questionable Arms Exports
Montenegro pledges to halt the trade if evidence emerges of Saudi-bound weapons
being diverted to Syrian militias.


Fighters in Times of Peace
A couple returns to their home, which was devastated during the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
By Danica Jokic

Bosnia Rising
The waters have long receded, but as aid dried up – or never materialized – a flood of questions remains for a Bosnian town at the confluence of two rivers and divided nations.
By Jim Marshall

Bracing for Brexit
The specter of the UK’s departure  – and a possible jolt to their economies and remittance payments – is haunting Central and Eastern Europeans.
By Lyubomir Martinov

State Business
The economic development of post-communist states is being hijacked by short-term political interests.
By Martin Ehl


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