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Society: Ukraine’s Past Isn’t Going Away Without a Fight
The official “decommunization” drive and conflicting allegiances lead to clashes during wartime commemorations.
By Tatiana Kozak

Education: Hard to Handle
A plagiarism scandal involving the Minister of Science and Education still stirs Croatia.
By Filip Stojanovski


1 June 2017
Macedonia Gets New Government
Political deadlock ends as pro-Western coalition of Social Democrats and ethnic Albanian parties wins parliamentary vote. 1 June 2017

Czech Pubs Are Now Smoke-Free
After years of rancorous debate, non-smokers can finally take a breath of fresh air.

31 May 2017
Exiled Azerbaijani Journalist Says Kidnapped to Baku
Georgia launches investigation, as allegations swirl that Tbilisi might be complicit.

Prince Charles Receives Honorary Degree from Romanian University
In addition to priding himself on his kinship with Vlad the Impaler, the British royal visits the country almost every year and owns an extensive list of property.

Caucasus, Central Asia Face Huge U.S. Aid Cuts
President Trump’s 2018 budget envisages massive aid cuts globally, but is likely to be watered down in Congress.

30 May 2017
Ukraine Accuses Yandex of Spying for Russia
Russian social media and internet operators are already under sanction as potential cyberthreats.

Chisinau Expels Five Russian Diplomats
President Dodon accuses the West of orchestrating the move, which follows a junior coalition party’s departure from government over graft allegations.


Skolkovo Tech School’s American Founder Steps Down
Institute plans to continue close cooperation with MIT, Russian media say.
17 September 2015

Tobacco and Tomfoolery
There are lots of ways to improve the lives of ordinary Russians. Recent anti-tobacco proposals are not among them.
27 September 2012