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Azerbaijan Will Hold Snap Presidential Election
Aliev calls poll six months early, leading to speculation about his motives.
5 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Bulgaria Under Pressure to Stop Neo-Nazi March
For 15 years, extremists have annually honored a Nazi ally accused of signing death warrants for thousands of Jews.

5 February 2018Around the Bloc: Bosniak Leader’s Visit With Erdogan Draws Flak
Critics of Turkey’s growing role in the Balkans say Ankara is projecting power into the former Ottoman provinces.
2 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Beetles Chomp Down Belarusian, Polish Forests
The infestation is but one symptom of a pestilence spreading across the northern hemisphere.
2 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Notorious Uzbek Security Chief Ousted
President Mirziyoyev slates security police for magnifying trivial matters into national threats, vows to end repression.
2 February 2018

Opinion: The Search For a New World Order, Then and Now
A century later, Woodrow Wilson would be aghast at the lack of community among nations.
2 Februrary 2018


EU Court Orders Halt to Bialowieza Logging
Poland is pushing back on two fronts against what it calls the European Union’s unjustified interference in its internal affairs.
31 July 2017

Azerbaijan Amnesty Releases Aliev Critics
President pardons 148 people, including opposition activists, on same day court orders journalist ‘spy’ also be set free.
18 March 2016