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Society: Special Treatment
The use of punitive psychiatry against political opponents appears to be on
the upswing in post-Soviet states.By Madeline Roache19 May 2017

Politics: The Real Deal?
A political party in Moldova says its network of stores offers lower-priced
food to those in need, while some wonder if it’s just a way to recruit potential voters.By Anatolie Esanu19 May 2017


22 May 2017
New Budapest Protests over CEU and Foreign NGO Laws
Estimates say up to 10,000 people marched through the Hungarian capital against growing authoritarianism.

Russian Authorities Apparently Antsy Over Opposition-Minded Youth
Film and pop music are being used to sway teens away from criticizing the state.

19 May 2017
Two Chechens Fleeing Persecution Offered Asylum in Lithuania
The Baltic country may be the first in the world to receive gays escaping a reported purge against homosexuals, while Poland continues to send back asylum seekers to Belarus. 


Punks Against Putin
Russia’s newly famous protest band continues to play cat and mouse with the authorities, even as criminal charges loom.
28 February 2012

In Transdniester, One Company Is a Law Unto Itself
Twenty years after breaking away from Moldova, Transdniester remains unrecognized and largely forgotten. One local company has profited hugely from…
30 September 2010


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