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Around the Bloc: Saudi King on Historic Visit to Moscow
New era of relations touted as investments, oil prices, and
Middle East strategies take center stage.
5 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Saakashvili Asks for Asylum in Ukraine
The former Georgian president calls supporters to rally in Kyiv against
corruption and the arrogance of politicians.
5 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Foreign Money Scopes Out New Mongolian PM
Can tough-talking, Harley-riding Khurelsukh ensure stability and a
coherent economic policy?
5 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Bosnia’s Buried Killers
Unexploded landmines still kill and maim, two decades after end
of brutal war.
5 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Ukrainian TV Live-Streams Fake Congressional Hearing
Event was arranged by a former U.S. lawmaker with ties to leading
Ukrainian and Hungarian politicos.
4 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Candidate’s Exit Sends Hungary’s Left into Disarray
Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party on course to dominate
elections next spring.
4 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Gay Detainees Freed, Baku Says
Status of those sent for STD treatment unclear, as more
allegations emerge about police torture of gays and
transgender women.
4 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Russia’s Culture Minister Could Lose Ph.D.
Conservative historian comes under scrutiny from academics, who
describe his thesis as unscientific, biased, and cluttered with
misleading statements.
4 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Battle over Civil Society Brews in Central Europe
Critics worry that civil society restrictions are the new normal, but
Poland and Hungary say they are simply legislating for much
needed reform.
3 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Moscow, Belgrade Slam EU Reaction to Catalan

The two allies attacked Europe’s fence-sitting stance in
dramatically different ways, reflecting recent history.
3 October 2017

Around the Bloc: North Korea Opens Second Internet Connection
via Russia

Previously funneling its entire traffic through China, Pyongyang
now has a second provider, owned by the Russian government.
3 October 2017


Russia Ups Oil Output Ahead of OPEC Meeting
Russia could soon become the world’s biggest oil producer if it
continues pumping oil at levels not seen since Soviet times.
22 September 2016

Nazarbaev Opponents Arrested, Saakashvili Opponent in Court Victory
Plus, Montenegro suffers under prolonged drought and an exclusive
massacre in Romania.
25 January 2012

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