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Lessons from Lenin
Those advocating for removing historical statues in the U.S. would be
well-served to examine the debates in the former Soviet Union about
tearing down the figures of the past.
14 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Saakashvili Vows to March on Ukrainian Capital
‘Kyiv needs to be saved,’ says the firebrand without a country.
14 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Netflix Rolls into Poland as Russia Slams the Gate
Internet TV giants make slow progress in CEE market, but locally made
content remains a rarity.
14 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Successful Bond Sale Boosts Tajikistan’s Rogun Dam
Investors unable to find the country on a map are keen to buy bonds
with the promise of attractive yields.
14 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Romanian Coast Guard Rescues 150 Migrants  on Black Sea
Hundreds of migrants have entered Romania by sea or been sent
back to Turkey already this month.
13 September 2017

Around the Bloc: G-Men on the Trail of Russian Media
Russian media could find themselves subject to Washington’s version
of the notorious Russian ‘foreign agent law,’ reports suggest.
13 September 2017

Around the Bloc: U.S.-Balkans-Syria Arms Triangle Revealed
States in CEE and elsewhere are selling arms to the Pentagon for use
by Syrian rebels, according to new investigation.
13 September 2017

Middle Europa: Whose Values?
It doesn’t make sense to apply a postmodern interpretation of
societies that are only now undergoing the modernization process.
12 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Azerbaijan Pardons Blogger, Releases Journalist
Mehman Aliyev has been released from pretrial detention, while
travel blogger Alexander Lapshin was pardoned.
12 September 2017


Azeri News Agency Chief Held for Tax Evasion
Not long after handing out free flats to journalists, Azerbaijani authorities
turned on the head of a last bastion of the free press.
25 August 2017

Forgotten Art 
A new project encourages a second look at the Czech Republic’s 
late-communist public artworks.
8 December 2014

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