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Fourth Estate: Be Wary of ‘Progressive’ Journalism

Activist, ideologically driven reporting isn’t what we need to fight back
against the endemic media capture across the region.
24 August 2017

Around the Bloc: Transdniester Once Again a Thorn in the Side of
Moldova-Russia Relationship

Russia is at odds with Chisinau’s demand that the UN should put the issue
of Russian troop withdrawal on the agenda.
24 August 2017

Arts & Culture: How to Start a New Life in an Old Transylvanian village
Two young people from Bucharest brought to life the history and culinary
traditions of an ethnic German village in Romania. From Decat o Revista. 
By Ana Maria Ciobanu and Mircea Restea
23 August 2017

Around the Bloc: Estonia Looks to Cashless Future
The wired-up Baltic nation could become the first to have its own digital
23 August 2017

Around the Bloc: All Quiet at U.S. Embassy in Moscow as Visa Ban Kicks In
RIA Novosti illustrates its story with photo of big crowd outside embassy,
taken last month.
23 August 2017

Around the Bloc: New Ukraine Truce in Offing
NATO rejects Belarusian invitation to observe next month’s Russian-led
military exercises.
23 August 2017

Around the Bloc: Serbian Diplomats Called Home from Skopje
The abrupt move was a reaction to what Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic
said were ‘offensive actions’ planned against his country’s interests.
22 August 2017

Around the Bloc: Czech Government Agrees to Buy Roma Holocaust Site
The question of Czech responsibility for the wartime treatment of the
Roma continues to rankle.
22 August 2017

Around the Bloc: Lithuania Takes First Delivery of U.S. Gas
One Baltic state is a willing customer for American LNG, while the others
have not yet committed themselves.
22 August 2017


The Fake Newness of Fake News
World faked out by phenomenon known oh so well in Eastern Europe!
3 May 2017

Outrage Over Czech Advertising of Auschwitz Tours
Bus company cajoles visitors to the Nazi concentration camp by using
emotionally charged images from the Holocaust.
18 August 2016

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