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Around the Bloc: Sex Scandals Hit Romanian Orthodox Church

Believers are demanding more accountability from church leaders after embarrassing revelations about the clergy.
21 August 2017

Around the Bloc: Ashgabat Bans Booze Ahead of Asian Games

Turkmenistan also reportedly restricting access for foreigners during its biggest-ever international event.
21 August 2017

Around the Bloc: Kosovo’s Costly Political Squabble

The post-election impasse in Kosovo could cost the country millions in
international funding, the UN and EU delegations have warned.
21 August 2017

Around the Bloc: Macron, CEE Leaders to Discuss Contentious Labor Rules

Critics say French president’s vision of a more ‘protected’ Europe means
discrimination against low-wage EU countries.
18 August 2017

Around the Bloc: Afghan Refugee Family Offered Serbian Citizenship

Thousands more migrants and refugees remain stranded in Serbian camps,
trapped by higher European entry barriers for non-whites.
18 August 2017

Around the Bloc: Ukraine Conspired Against Trump, MP Claims

President’s accusation of a Ukrainian ‘sabotage’ effort apparently based on
Politico story.
18 August 2017


The New Rush
More and more foreign companies are moving into Mongolia’s mineral-rich
territory, meaning more work for the informal mining ‘ninjas.
by Sunjidmaa Jamba
23 September 2004

Shaken by Court Ruling, Romanian Church Comes Roaring Back
With the public firmly on the side of teaching religion in school, the debate shifts to the rights of non-Orthodox students.
27 March 2015

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