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MIDDLE EUROPA: Slovak Europeans
A strongly pro-European nation, Slovakia is asking for treatment on par with its Western neighbors, and willing to pay its dues. 
By Martin Ehl
30 June 2017


3 July 2017
Uzbek Stars Warned Over Untraditional Videos
If you can’t conform to national values or you’re too patriotic, you can stop thinking about being a singer in Uzbekistan. 

Russia Begins Cleanup at Secret Arctic Nuclear Site
‘Awful’ site will remain a threat until cleared of 3,000 shiploads of old empty nuclear fuel containers.

Macedonian Ex-Premier Indicted for Election Fraud
Nikola Gruevski and many former government members face accusations of numerous serious crimes during their long years in office.

Shining Light on Russia’s Underground Economy
New study accords with previous estimates, saying off-the-books income remains stubbornly high.

30 June 2017
Controversy-Plagued Romanian Gold Mine Project Fizzles Out
Company behind the plan to extract gold in historically rich area demands big compensation package.

Croatia Rejects Arbitration of Piran Bay Dispute
Fenced-in neighbor Slovenia has spent years trying to ensure its shipping access to the high seas.

Five Found Guilty of Nemtsov Slaying
Trial judge and the Kremlin admit the person who organized the opposition leader’s murder remains at large.


Uzbekistan Musicians Face ‘Values’ Tests 
Government calls for licensing authority to more closely scrutinize performers’ lyrics, embrace of Uzbek values.
17 December 2015

Uzbekistan’s Silver Screen Promotes ‘Traditional Values’ 
Cautionary tales of wayward young people warn against Western influence.
9 October 2014