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Politics: Look Back at Romania’s Hopeful Presidential Election
Last November’s reelection of Klaus Iohannis offers
substance to claims that the country is on a path to
rejecting corruption, political circuses, and nationalist
proclivities. First in a two-part series.
By Brindusa Armanca and Peter Gross, 6 February 2020

Around the Bloc – 6 February
Our regional news roundup: Romanian government falls;
Slovenia’s first mosque; disabled athletes in Russia; media
under pressure in Georgia; and an underground city in Albania.

People: The Tin Man of Akhaltsikhe
In a culturally rich corner of Georgia, one family keeps a
tradition alive. By TV 9, 5 February 2020

Around the Bloc – 5 February
TOL’s regional news roundup: more EU ire aimed at Poland;
Le Pen’s Russian debt; parting words of wisdom; Pompeo in
Central Asia; and dogs beware in Ukraine.

Books: The Authentic Voice of Visegrad
In his new book, Bosnian-German author Sasa Stanisic turns
over the meaning of what it is to leave and to come home.
By Mirjana Saller, 5 February 2020

Around the Bloc – 4 February
Today’s regional roundup: Russia on alert over coronavirus;
Iran and Ukraine; Chechen blogger killed in France; a historic
“Big Three” meeting; and Baltic crowdfunding platforms in

Conflict & Diplomacy: Can Moldova Ever Win Its Grueling Fight Against
 Toppling one oligarch is not enough to rid the country of corruption, say experts. From Global Voices, 3 February 2020

Around the Bloc – 3 February
In the news: Pompeo extends lifeline to Lukashenka; Kosovo ends political
deadlock; an “immigrant inflow” (or not) in Romania; poverty and hunger
in Turkmenistan; and EU court deflects Adriatic border dispute.
Education: Still Separate and Not Equal Despite the Czech Republic’s commitment in 2016 to fostering Roma children’s inclusion in mainstream education, progress has been painstakingly low.
By Alice Millerchip and Emily Mason, 31 January 2020
Around the Bloc – 31 January
Headlines from around the region: traditions, modernity and outrage
in the Caucasus; Poland and a Jewish museum; you say Romanian,
I say Moldovan; three Russian sisters; and Armenians in Turkey.


Opinion: The Truth About Russian Dressing
High prices and conformity do not a fashion heaven make.
By Galina Stolyarova, 4 February 2010

Books: South Slavic Family Secrets
Goran Vojnovic is compelled to write on ‘how unbearably
easily politics reaches into the intimacy of the family, how
it tears it apart.’ By Uffe Andersen, 26 June 2018

Obrnice’s Second Chance
A Czech village comes slowly back to life by integrating its Roma
and emphasizing education. By Lucie Kavanova, 31 March 2014

Testing the Waters
It takes two to tango, and Russia seems willing to view its stranded Kaliningrad region as a good place to start cooperating with Europe.
By Ekaterina Vasilieva, 1 March 2001