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In Turkey, a Murder Video Raises Ethical Questions
An eight-second video taken in a cafe has ignited a debate about violence against women, and what it means to witness such violence – in person or through another medium.
14 October 2019

Around the Bloc – 14 October
Today’s news highlights: Contrasting results in Polish, Hungarian elections; Uzbekistan urged to release detained blogger; the World Bank…

Two Czech Artists Who Defined a Generation
One was a singer, the other one an actor. Their deaths this month symbolize the continuing debate over the legacy of the fall of communism. From Reporting Democracy.
11 October 2019

Around the Bloc – 11 October
TOL’s regional news roundup: Zelenskiy and Trump; Romanian governance; Belarus and the EU; a controversial Nobel winner; and politics in Turkmenistan.

Education: Alienation and Accountability in Central Asian Studies Sociological study and political struggle increasingly go hand-in-hand.
But in Central Asia, research needs to become accountable to the very people it studies. From openDemocracy. By Mohira Suyarkulova10 October 2019
Around the Bloc – 10 October
Today’s news highlights: Beijing and Prague; Stalin’s legacy; remittances
in Tajikistan; an anti-violence app in Albania; and soccer diplomacy.

Society: Tabo Talking in Belarus
A Minsk online magazine decided to push the envelope and spur its countrypeople to talk about sensitive social issues.By Victoria Roberts9 October 2019
Around the Bloc – 9 October
In the news today: LGBT in Mongolia; Holocaust in Romania; nuclear
power in Azerbaijan; Putin’s birthday; and Estonia the anti-corruption champion.

Politics: Yugoslavia 1989: A Story of Unfated Events
It is tempting to look back into the history of socialist Yugoslavia and see the bloodshed of the 1990s as the culmination of an inexorable march of history. From the German Marshall Fund. By Paul Hockenos 8 October 2019

Around the Bloc – 8 October
Regional news roundup: Uzbekistan and the EEU; protests in Belarus; Lenin and Apple computers; and a punctuation duel between Armenia and Azerbaijan.


Keeping the Faith in Poland
PiS has figured out the way – politically and culturally – to the hearts of Polish conservative voters.
12 September 2019

Turkish Citizens Lap up Live-Streamed Local Politics
Live-streamed council meetings are drawing huge interest in Ankara and Istanbul.
13 September 2019

Belarus Sticks to Death Penalty Over Europe’s Displeasure
More than 400 convicts have been put to death since 1990, rights activists say.
23 March 2018

Hitting A Nerve A Georgian researcher sets out to probe the link between physiology and addiction but learns more about the limits of her own community By Tsira Gvasalia
26 November 2010