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The Dalai Lama Test
The Tibetan spiritual leader’s visit to Central Europe provides some answers to the
state of Chinese relations, Havel’s legacy, and the scruples of individual politicians.
By Martin Ehl


November 4

Russians Up in Arms Over Movie on Last Tsar’s Love Affair
Morality police have dubbed Matilda unpatriotic, pornographic, and hurtful to the feelings of believers.

Russia Joins Military Forces with Abkhazia
Georgia concerned about security situation as Russia ratifies agreement to establish joint Russian-Abkhaz forces.

November 3

Kudos for Small, Pristine Slovenia
Adriatic nation takes top spot as most environmentally friendly country in a new global ranking.

Kremlin ‘Black Budget’ Grows as Official Spending Drops
Most classified budget lines go to the military and security, but the actual amounts are not disclosed.

Russia Tightens Screws Further on Civil Society
Politically charged trial of Ukrainian library head begins, while Amnesty International office in Moscow is in lockdown.

Belarus Cracks Open Door to Tourism
Restrictions have been eased for foreigners visiting some of the country’s attractions, but independent travelers will still have to obtain a visa.

November 2

Lithuania Issues Third Survival Guidebook Amid Russian ‘Aggression’
Tensions remain high in the Baltics since Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and Lithuania is preparing for a possible invasion

U.S. Seeks ‘Humanitarian Parole’ for Uzbekistan Prisoner
Washington is appealing for amnesty for man whom rights groups call one of the Central Asian nation’s longest-serving political prisoners.

Bulgarians Seize Record Amount of Counterfeit Euros
Police frogmen recover massive haul of fake 500-euro bills from Bulgarian reservoir.


Status Quo Prevails in Abkhazia After Failed Referendum
President Raul Khadzhimba remains in power after a referendum calling for early elections had 1 percent turnout.

Russia May Deploy Nuclear Missiles in Kaliningrad
The missiles, positioned deep within Europe, would serve to escalate already high tensions.

NATO Leaders Agree to Boost Presence in Poland, Baltics
Thousands of troops to be deployed in Eastern Europe, in the most decisive move to counter Russia since the end of the Cold War.

Rare Slovenian Cave Dweller Expects Offspring
The pink salamander’s reproductive habits have captivated scientists and Postojna Cave tourists.