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The Dalai Lama Test
The Tibetan spiritual leader’s visit to Central Europe provides some answers to the
state of Chinese relations, Havel’s legacy, and the scruples of individual politicians.
By Martin Ehl


November 1

Russia’s Fight for the Right History
Security experts propose an institution to counteract distortions of Russian history by foreign countries.

Mega-Dam Breaks Ground in Tajikistan
First envisioned during the Soviet era, the Rogun dam faces bitter opposition from downstream neighbor Uzbekistan.

Conspiracy Rumors Swirl in Balkans
Days after Montenegrin leader claims Serbs may have plotted against his government, weapons are found near Serbian prime minister’s home.

Dream Result for Georgia’s Ruling Party
With control of over three-fourths of parliament, party can now rewrite the constitution.

October 31

An ‘Assault’ on the Arts in Russia
An anti-censorship speech by a famous Russian actor and director has caused a week-long uproar, with many famous political and cultural personalities entering the fray.

Estonian President Symbolically Visits Regions With Sizeable Russian Populations
On her first domestic visit, Kersti Kaljulaid speaks out against dividing people according to what language they speak at home.

Uzbekistan Ratifies Convention That Might Improve Labor Conditions
Move could eventually help curtail forced labor in cotton trade, but activists remain skeptical.

Moldovan Presidential Candidates Heading for Runoff
Results in the first round of voting give pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon the upper hand, and 10 percent more votes than pro-West Maia Sandu.


Tied in the Russo-Turkish Knot
Bulgaria should pray for Europe to lift the curse of history.
By Boyko Vassilev

Conflicts of Interest: Press vs. Public
For the oligarchs who control the Czech print media, the purpose of owning a newspaper is to acquire a ‘nuclear shield’ against critics.
By Katerina Safarikova

Too Much of a Good Thing
Hungary’s FOI legislation has been the pride of the region, but official complaints that requests create too much work pushed the government to weaken the law.
By Attila Mong

Observers on the Line of Death
Five Ukrainians reflect on the turmoil of the past year and the ‘physical need to resist.’ Last in a series.
By Yevgenia Belorusets