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People: Soviet Dissident Levko Lukyanenko Dies at 89
The Ukrainian politician, who spent 25 years in Soviet prisons, helped craft Ukraine’s declaration of independence in August 1991, but also became known for white nationalism.
9 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Romanian President Dismisses Anti-Corruption Prosecutor
President Iohannis caves in, but he and others say they are convinced that the fight against graft will nonetheless continue.
9 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Brussels Hits Moldova Where It Hurts
Pressure grows for a re-run of disputed Chisinau mayoral election as rumors fly about oligarchs pulling the strings.
9 July 2018

People: No Quick Solutions for Turkish Asylum Seekers in Europe
Applications have soared since the 2016 failed coup attempt.
5 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Another Huge Banking Scandal Hits BalticsA major Danish bank’s operations in Estonia are facing allegations of laundering as much as $8.3 billion.
5 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Family of Ex-Armenian Leader Sargsyan Targeted by New Authorities
Two brothers of ousted former president face legal probes, along with other members of the old ruling elite.
5 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Drought Withers Baltic CropsFarmers around the Baltic Sea affected by dry, hot conditions, with small harvests also predicted in Central Europe.
5 July 2018

Around the Bloc: UK Warns Republika Srpska President Against Attempts to ‘Score Electoral Points’
Pro-Russian Milorad Dodik said that presence of British soldiers to monitor Bosnian elections ‘borders on intrusion.’
4 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Skateboards? Check. Passion? Check. Grenades? Check That Too​Documentary about the birth of skateboarding in Czechoslovakia shows the lengths passion and creativity can go to.
4 July 2018

Conflict & Diplomacy: Getting Creative With the Rule of Law
Attempts to bend – and even break – the judicial system throughout Central Europe do not bode well for the future of the sector’s independence in the region.
4 July 2018 

Around the Bloc: Polish High Court to be Gutted
Chief justice and other judges could be forced to retire unless the EU can derail a divisive new law.
3 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Central and Eastern Europe See Record Low Unemployment​Despite strong growth, region’s economies still struggle to create skilled jobs and retain young workers.
3 July 2018

Conflict & Diplomacy: ​A War for Hearts and Minds
Almost 10 years on from the 2008 war, Georgian civil society – both informal and formal – is increasingly engaging in the country’s breakaway territories.
3 July 2018


Slovenia’s Biggest State-Owned Bank Aleegedly Involved in Iranian Money Laundering
Opposition parties claim Slovenian authorities concealed the laundering of over 1 billion euros from an Iranian state bank with connections to nuclear weapons proliferation. 
2 October 2017 

Girl Power Through Graffiti, from Prague to New York
The co-director of a documentary on female graffiti artists talks about the origins of the movement in Central Europe, the scene on the two sides of the Atlantic, and its future in the digital world. 
7 March 2017