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Around the Bloc: Serb Nationalist Dodik Elected to Bosnian Presidency
Promising to serve only Serb interests, the hardliner could further undermine the country’s fragile multi-ethnic system.
8 October 2018

Around the Bloc: TV Reporter’s Brutal Slaying Stuns Bulgaria
Police and colleagues say it is not clear that Viktoria Marinova’s killing was linked to her work.
8 October 2018

Around the Bloc: Jailed Ukrainian Sentsov Ends Hunger Strike in Russian Prison
Crimea-born filmmaker was reportedly near death after nearly five months of self-starvation.
8 October 2018

Around the Bloc: U.S. Indicts Seven Alleged Russian Hacker-Spies
Moscow hits back with claim of many deaths at secret U.S.-run bioweapons lab.
5 October 2018

Around the Bloc: Ukraine, Hungary Expel Diplomats in Passport Dispute 
Kyiv calls on Budapest to refrain from ‘unfriendly steps’ as a diplomatic row over the Hungarian minority deepens.
5 October 2018


How Western Condemnation Lets Russia Off the Hook
International criticism is shaping the strategic direction of Putin’s fourth term. From The Conversation.
4 May 2018

Ex-Trump Staffers Court Bosnian Serbs
Steve Bannon extends his list of European friends beyond Orban and Le Pen, and into the Balkans.
11 September 2018