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Around the Bloc: Serbian Gay Prime Minister Attends Gay Pride Despite Opposition
While some gay rights activists have criticized her for not pushing the LGBT agenda, Ana Brnabic has been insistent on the need to fix what she says are more pressing issues.  
17 September 2018

Around the Bloc: Slovenia Gets Its First Minority Government 
Some fear the diversity of Sarec’s coalition agreement might prove too unstable and lead to early elections.
17 September 2018

Op-Ed: The Beginning of the End for Orban in the EPP? 
While this week’s vote indicates that Hungary’s strongman is drifting further away from the mainstream European People’s Party, any defection – forced or voluntary – would puncture his political influence on the continent.
14 September 2018

Society: Backfiring
Russia is cracking down on minority languages – but a resistance movement is growing.
14 September 2018

Ethno-Nationalism: How to Bring Down an Empire
Boris Yeltsin and his entourage of democrats unleashed and encouraged ethnic-nationalist feeling in the republics in an attempt to wrest central power from the communists – and succeeded instead in destroying the Soviet Union.
12 January 1996

Still Fearing the ‘Other’
There will be no gay pride parade this year for Serbia, where ‘otherness’ is simply too frightening a concept.
9 July 2003