The Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy

The Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy is an independent academic institution dedicated to the impartial professional research on the protection of human rights and related issues.

The Centre differs from both, non-governmental institutions and governmental agencies. It monitors the protection of human rights and helps develop democratic values. The Centre examines human rights issues from the perspective of the social sciences and international law.

Independent research centres, such as the Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, exist in most of the Member States of the European Union, with some Member States, such as Austria, hosting more academic human rights centres.

Thematic panels

The Centre focuses on the entire spectrum of human rights protection. Particular attention is paid to the following thematic areas:

  1. International Criminal Justice
  2. European System of Human Rights Protection
  3. International Politics, Business and Human Rights
  4. Czech Republic and Human Rights


  • Regular monthly online human rights magazine: Bulletin of Human Rights (in Czech)
  • Regular quarterly online human rights magazine in cooperation with university human rights centres from Poland, Hungary and Slovakia: V4 Human Rights Review
  • Short articles on current human rights issues: Blog (in English)
  • Organizing conferences, professional seminars, lectures and discussions: Events (mostly in Czech)
  • Annual online bulletin on Czech human rights events: Czech Republic Human Rights Review
  • Expert studies and analysis: Publications (mostly in Czech)

Check out the organizational chart of the Centre (in Czech).

The Centre also cooperates with academic institutions (Faculty of Social Studies at MU, Faculty of Law), as well as legal practitioners such as NGOs, Ombudsman or Justice (the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic, the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic).

The Centre is a member of the Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI)AHRI is an international association that brings together leading research institutions dealing with human rights.