CEVRO was established in 1999 in Prague, Czech Republic as a non-profit organization seeking to support democratic development home and abroad. Throughout the years CEVRO has developed a number of programs of political education, democracy assistance and capacity building for democratic leaders, parties and CSOs from all around the world.

Thousands of politicians from the Czech Republic and over fifty other countries participated in our programs. Hundreds of seminars, conferences, workshops and exchanges were organized since 1999. Based on its experience CEVRO established a private college CEVRO Institut with bachelor and master programs.

Our projects are built on skills and knowledge of more than two hundred experts cooperating with CEVRO and CEVRO Institut and on democratic transitions, experience gained past thirty years in Central and Eastern Europe.

All the programs organized by CEVRO adhere to the following principles:

  • Liberty and Responsibility
  • Representative Democracy
  • Small yet Strong State
  • Economic Freedom
  • Rule of Law
E-mail: info@cevro.cz
WWW: www.cevro.cz
Telefon: +420 221 506 724