Meet the 200 Non-profits Participating in This Year’s NGO Market.

The 14th Annual NGO Market is getting closer, and the preparations are underway. On February 1, NGO registration began. Now, after nearly a month, capacity at the National Technical Library and its outdoor grounds is almost full. Registration forms still remain accessible, so there is a possibility to fill the last vacancies and positions that unexpectedly open. The Balling Hall and Night Study Hall, where the lectures, discussions and workshops will take place, are already completely reserved however.

This year’s NGO Market will introduce 200 non-profit organizations working throughout the Czech Republic. Presentations will be divided into the usual categories: crisis, humanitarian and development aid, culture, sport and leisure time, human rights and democracy assistance, welfare services and health, education and research, environment and other.

The welfare services and health section is traditionally the most represented category. In this segment, organizations like the Safety Line Association and Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren will introduce themselves alongside many other interesting non-profits. Participants will eagerly answer questions and offer advice.

The education and research section targets students and young people. This group is represented by AFS Intercultural Programs, INEX – Association for Voluntary Activities, and other organizations introducing both Czech and foreign educational and volunteer projects. The full list of registered organizations is available here.

We are confident that this year’s non-profit presentations will be even more entertaining than those in past years. The NGO Market will include a visit from Greenpeace’s polar bear named Paula, Sue Ryder Home’s charitable bazaar, and Prague Municipal Library’s mobile library that will carry non-profit literature. A theater performance in sign language specifically for deaf children is also being prepared.

A completely new part of the program this year will be a gift drawing. Participating organizations will donate various prizes, and visitors will have a chance to try their luck. Prizes will include tickets to visit Czech castles, free legal consultations, original jewelry, art photographs, t-shirts, hand sewn dolls and much more.

This year’s NGO Market takes place Friday, May 3 in Prague. You can find more information here and follow the progress of preparations on the Facebook page.