Latin American Insight: The Fundamentals of the US Embargo against Cuba

Latin American Insight is a new series of scholarly articles which will focus on analysis of current Latin American issues. This project was initiated by Respekt Institut in cooperation with the Forum 2000 Foundation and Association for International Affairs. Its aim is to raise the level of knowledge about Latin American reality in the Czech Republic.

The first article has just been released and its title is “The fundamentals of the U.S. embargo against Cuba. National interest or political game?” The author of the text is Carlos Ferrer who worked in the Ibero-American service of Czech Radio and currently is studying a Ph.D. in Media Studies at the Charles University in Prague.

“On 14 January 2011, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, announced a slight lift of the embargo that the country has applied to the Cuban regime since 1962. From now on certain U.S. citizens belonging to educational, humanitarian or religious organizations are allowed to obtain permission to travel to the island. Also, and perhaps more importantly, this policy shift extends the amount of remittances that Cuban-Americans can send to their relatives up to $ 2,000 annually. In fact, any American citizen can send U.S. dollars to any resident of the island except to senior Communist Party members.”

Complete article can be downloaded in various language versions here.