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Kyiv Accuses Volunteer Fighters of Rape and Torture, Hundreds Arrested at Yerevan Price Protest
Plus, Yanukovych makes half-hearted apology for Maidan killings; activists plan to deliver banned abortion drugs to Poland via UAV.

Kremlin Aide Warns U.S. Against Arms Deployment, Slovak Schools Slammed Over Roma Policies

Plus, Tajikistan moves to silence renegade special forces commander, and the UN blasts Hungary’s anti-immigrant billboards.


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Sex and Swastikas
If this is the Polish leadership’s idea of a moral revolution, bring back sleaze.

Karabakh: ‘Free State’
Our efforts today are aimed at having the international community recognize our de facto independence,” the Karabakh leader says.
By BBC Monitoring

Independent Azerbaijan, Under the Russian Boot
Six years after independence, one analyst warned about the effects of Russian expansionism and Western inattention on Azerbaijan’s democratic development.
By Hikmet Hadjy-zadeh

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