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New at Transitions Online:                                                                   19 May 2015
Early Education Incentives for Romanian Kids at Risk
An NGO’s radical idea – food for poor families that send their children to preschool every day – could become national policy by 2020.
By Lina Vdovii
19 May 2015
Russian Ex-Soldiers Face Ukraine Terrorism Trial, Latvian Cardinal Bashes Gays
Plus, Croatian leaders make a controversial visit to Ustasha massacre memorial, and Mongolia’s stalled Oyu Tolgoi mine could restart soon.

Protesters Call for Macedonian PM to Quit, Ukraine Bans Soviet Symbols
Plus, Azerbaijan’s capital gets a facelift ahead of the European Games, and gay athletes complain of unsportsmanlike conduct in Kazakhstan’s ‘nontraditional’ sex legislation.
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Homophobic Attitudes Remain Entrenched
A relatively peaceful pride march is overshadowed by conservative views in the Latvian capital.
By Aleks Tapinsh

Democracy Matters in Azerbaijan
Western “engagement” with Baku has not delivered the Azerbaijani people the democracy they yearn for.
By Gorkhmaz Askarov

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