JOINT STATEMENT: 5 demands for an ambitious European Democracy Action Plan

DEMAS supports a joint statement with 5 demands for the European Democracy Action Plan which was drafted and endorsed by a coalition of 46 organisations working on democracy, human rights, media and the rule of law in Europe. Coordinated by the European Partnership for Democracy, they demand the European Democracy Action Plan to be ambitious and comprehensive in scope, and implemented in an inclusive multi-stakeholder manner using all the tools the European Commission has at its disposal.

With the European Democracy Action Plan, the EU has an opportunity to act ambitiously in order to safeguard a democratic future for the Union and its people. The stakes are high. As experts have warned, “one of the worst things the EU’s new leaders could do would be to launch grandiloquent initiatives that fail to deliver meaningful and tangible change.” These two civil society initiatives aim to support the European Commission in developing and implementing the comprehensive action plan that is needed to innovate democracy in Europe.