Invitation to the event “Outcomes of the Crisis: Integration of Financial Regulation and Stronger ECB?”

Association for International Affairs is organising a special closed event entitled “Outcomes of the Crisis: Integration of Financial Regulation and Stronger ECB?”

First half of September brought number of important information for Eurozone. Firstly, the European Central Bank has – in spite of German’s disagreement – decided to unlimitedly purchase bonds of its southern member states. Furthermore, new proposals for strengthening the European banks’ supervision were introduced. These should later lead to the establishing of the so called Banking Union. Thirdly, German constitutional court decided that the European Stability Mechanism is not in contradiction with the German Basic Law. However, it limited German involvement in its commentary. Are these events thresholds in the crises or integration development? How should the Czech Republic react and what does it mean for its position in the EU. How are these decisions going to influence Czech banks?

These questions will be discussed on the eighth expert seminar organised by the Association for International Affairs in the project called Challenging the Czech Tales on European Policies, which is supported by the Open Society Foundations. More information can be found on

Speakers include:

  • OLDRICH DEDEK, national coordinator for introducing Euro in the Czech Republic; professor at Charles University in Prague
  • PAVEL MERTLIK, rector at Banking Institute College of Banking
  • PETR ZAHRADNIK, project manager and consultant of the EU Office Ceska sporitelna (tbc)

Working language: Czech

Time and venue:

Monday, September 24, 2012, 15:00 – 16:30

European House, Jungmannova 24, Prague 1 – Nove Mesto