Happening Havel Forever

Václav Havel and his view of the world changed our lives. His legacy lives on, not only in our hearts but also in our view of the world and our everyday activities. The happening, named Havel Forever, is a tribute to Václav Havel and a reminder of what he left us as an artist, politician, and citizen. It is also an expression of support for all unjustly imprisoned people around the world.

The happening, which took place on Wenceslas Square at noon on October 12, 2014,informally opened this year’s Forum 2000 Conference “Democracy and Its Discontents.” A group of almost 200 volunteers danced in the shape of a heart to the songs Sunday Morning by Velvet Underground and All You Need Is Love by the Beatles, Václav Havel’s favorite music bands.

The names of three prisoners of conscience were printed on the red t-shirts that volunteers wore: Liu Xiaobo, Ahmed Maher, and Leopoldo López. Lilian Tintori, the wife of Leopoldo López, who was a delegate of this year’s conference, also took part in the happening.

You can see a video of the happening here: