Forum 2000 Foundation Urges Respect for Democratic Principles After President Chávez’s Death.

The Forum 2000 Foundation wishes to express condolences to the family and friends of the deceased President Hugo Chávez, as well as to the people of Venezuela. His passing has renewed political uncertainty. It is essential that the democratic process be respected in the coming weeks, specifically with the holding of new, transparent elections within the 30 day period dictated by the Constitution.

In these trying times, we reiterate the principles the Shared Concern Initiative has emphasized during the presidential election campaign last year – the need for an uninterrupted flow of news and information, the unacceptability of violence and necessary restraint by actors of all political persuasions. International observers should help to ensure that voting occurs in accordance with international norms. Democratic principles remain the best path toward a potentially bright future for the Venezuelan people, even as emotions remain heightened.

To view the full September 2012 Shared Concern Initiative statement on Venezuelan elections visit: