Forum 2000: Bulletin November 2021

5 Big Ideas of the 25th Forum 2000 Conference

Take a look at the five points which represent some of the key ideas discussed at the 25th annual Forum 2000 Conference “What now? Building back democratically”. “We need to redouble the effort to strengthen and broaden democratic cooperation and democratic unity,“ highlighted Carl Gershman, Former President of National Endowment for Democracy at the conference. In the last two decades, the primacy of democracy as an international norm has been seriously challenged. So how should we, the global democratic community, strengthen democracy around the world?

Policy Paper: From Democracy Summit to Global Democratic Agenda?

The decision of the US administration to hold a Summit for Democracy has enlivened debates about international democracy support. There are many aspects of the summit process that remain open for debate and will need to be resolved. This policy paper focuses on one very specific element: the question of how the involvement of Asian, African, and Latin American democracies can best be encouraged and ensured.

Statement on the Need to Strengthen the Alliance of Democracies

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Atlantic Charter, the International Coalition for Democratic Renewal released a Statement on the Need to Strengthen the Alliance of Democracies. “As we seek to halt and reverse the decline of liberal democracy, revitalizing the transatlantic alliance is essential – and the time to begin is now.“ Coalition resolves to work together to strengthen the transatlantic alliance of democracies and to build stronger democratic solidarity among democracies worldwide.

Forum 2000 at EXPO 2020

On November 17, 2021, the Forum 2000 Foundation co-organized a conference Building Bridges for a Global Future as part of the Czech program at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. You can watch the videos of panels Through Education to Tolerance and Civic Responsibility and How Successful Civil Society Movements Reach Their Goals on our Facebook.

#Forum2000online Chat with Dr. Eduardo Magrani

In the #Forum2000online Chat, Dr. Eduardo Magrani, the President of the National Institute for Data Protection in Brazil, joined Arzu Geybulla to discuss the issues of how digital technologies threaten our democracy and what steps should we take to avoid their misuse. In the interview, he warned that “people are not aware how their personal data can be used to manipulate them, even politically”.