Forum 2000: bulletin May 2021

Forum 2000 Conference

The 25th Forum 2000 Conference will take place on October 10-12, 2021. The program will be accompanied by the Festival of Democracy on October 9-15, 2021. Please follow our website and social media (see here for Twitter) for more information about the themes, the program, and the speakers.

Leonid Drabkin: What do recent protests reveal about the Russian civil society?

Overall I am quite optimistic because we see that civil society has many new initiatives in pockets. And we have many new people around us who can do something. But the government has already used all its weapons,“ says Leonid Drabkin from OVD-Info about the state of civil society after protests in Russia. In the interview, Mr Drabkin talks about the OVD-Info project or the current protests against Navalny´s imprisonment.

Chantal Mouffe: Neoliberal systems face the crisis of democracy

Both the element of equality and the element of popular sovereignty, which are crucial values of democracy, have been left aside,“ highlights Professor Chantal Mouffe, an expert on democratic theory. In #Forum2000online Chat she talked about the crisis that liberal democracies around the globe seem to face. In this respect, the pandemics exacerbated the existing problems but also brought about completely new challenges in terms of exercising democratic powers.

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