25th Forum 2000 Conference

The 25th Forum 2000 Conference will take place on October 10-12. The title is „What Now? Building Back Democratically. We are pleased to introduce some of the speakers. If you are interested to learn more, please head on to our social media or the Forum 2000 website, where the list of speakers is constantly being updated as interesting new personalities join this year’s meeting.

#Forum2000online Chat – Summer Specials

In our very first #Forum2000online Chat Summer Special, three experts share their research and knowledge on topics of data technology and data colonialism. Didi Kirsten Tatlow, a researcher at the German Council on Foreign Relations, moderates the debate with Ulises Mejias, Communication Studies Professor and the author of a book on data colonization, and Xiao Qiang, a renowned expert on U.S-China relations and Editor-in-Chief of the China Digital Times. 

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Forum 2000 on LinkedIn

You can also follow this year’s conference on LinkedIn. At Forum 2000, we aim to provide relevant information and promote dialogue in the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect. Let’s stay connected, not just in the upcoming weeks!