Final Days of Relief Fund for Japan Campaign

The Forum 2000 Foundation would like to thank all who have contributed to support of victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan through its fundraising campaign, as well as to those who have directly supported its long-term Japanese partner The Nippon Foundation.

Funds collected in the campaign of Forum 2000 will be sent to The Nippon Foundation which has rich experience in emergency response and development. Donations from its fund are already being distributed and are helping in many ways. The foundation has supported families of 11,023 individuals who passed away or are still missing, as well as projects of 225 local NGOs and volunteer groups that focus mainly on helping children, pregnant women and the disabled. It also cooperated on the creation of the website devoted to the recovery of affected areas You can read a detailed monthly report on all activities of the Nippon Foundation here.

As you know, the devastating natural disaster affected many people in Japan and caused immense damage. Besides large effort the recovery requires a lot of resources. If you would like to join to the international aid and support the “Relief Fund for Japan Campaign” of Forum 2000, you can send your contribution until May 31, 2011 to Komerční banka, account number 43-9092380207/0100. More information about the campaign can be found here.