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BRUSSELS MONITOR: Assessing EU development cooperation: from infancy 
to maturity?

The latest issue of the BRUSSELS MONITOR series by Eva Křížková focuses on EU development cooperation policy transformation. The development cooperation policy of the EU is an important political and economic tool. Nevertheless, its importance might be underestimated in today’s public debate.

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IN THE MEDIA: ČT24: EU leaders met at the EU Summit

Michal Vít was a guest on ČT24, where he discussed the meeting of the EU leaders at the EU Summit, which took place in Brussels. How is the EU dealing with the UK’s decision to leave and what is the UK’s new prime minister Theresa May’s position towards the divorce? Does the UK have a right to fully participate in the decision-making process on the future of the bloc? To what extent can the EU critique of Russia’s actions in Aleppo be justified?

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REPORT: Café Evropa: Contest for the White House

The 10th debate from the Café Evropa platform took place on Wednesday, October 26 at the European House. Our distinguished guests Daniel Anýž, redactor of Newsweek Česko, and Petr Kolář, former ambassador to the US, discussed the possible outcome of the elections especially from the perspective of its impact towards the EU.

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ARTICLE: The End of the EEA-Hungary Friendship?

Marianne Grønning analyses in her blog Hungary’s attitude towards international funding and influence in domestic affairs through the latest incident at the Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute.

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PROJECT: Recommenations on EU support to the Crimean peninsula

Ukrainian independent journalists, analysts and civil rights activists contributed to a series of recommendations on EU support to the Crimean peninsula, based on an advocacy visit to Brussels on 26-29 September 2016.

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EVENT: International students on a study visit at EUROPEUM

A group of international students from the University of Oslo visited EUROPEUM on the 20th of October 2016. The discussion was very lively and students showed a deep interest in the topics that EUROPEUM analyses.

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EUROPEUM Brussels Office

Building on a long history of EUROPEUM in Prague we opened our office in Brussels in January 2016. EUROPEUM has been the first think-tank from Central Europe to branch out to the heart of the European Union. Our motivation has been to follow the debates on EU policies and politics from a close perspective and to contribute to them by strengthening the voice of the Czech Republic and other central and east European countries. At the same time, we would like to use our Brussels presence to boost the discussions on the EU back in the region, through introducing research by Brussels-based experts, offering their perspective at local events, cooperation with the media, etc.

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