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INVITATION: Café Evropa in the regions – Hradec Králové: 
The current developments of the migration crisis
Accept our sincere invitation to the public debate that is part of the series Café Evropa in the regions that will take place on Wednesday, April 5 at 4:30 pm at café Na kole (Velké náměstí 24, Hradec Králové) with our distinguished guests Jaroslav Plesl and Martin Rozumek.
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EASTERN MONITOR: Western Balkans – last call to avoid permanent stagnation? 2016 Progress Reports Assessment
The latest contribution to the EASTERN MONITOR series by Christian Kvorning Lassen analyses the 2016 Progress Reports released by the European Commission and points out the main causes for concern.
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ČT24 90′: Dutch vote in Netherlands′ parliamentary elections
Our research fellow Michal Vít was a guest on the 90′ TV show of ČT24, where he commented on the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands.
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POLICY BRIEF: Central Europe: The Death of Dreams?
Michal Kořan, as part of the project Think Visegrad, published a Policy Brief on the stance of Central Europe within the European Union from the viewpoint of liberal democracy and its current political leaders.
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ČRo Radiožurnál: Dutch parliamentary elections
Our resarch fellow Michal Vít was a guest on ČRo Radiožurnál, where he commented on the results of the Dutch parliamentary elections.
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POLICY BRIEF: The Changing Balance of Power in the EU after the British Referendum – V4 Capacities and Opportunities
Zsuzsanna Csornai, as part of the project Think Visegrad, published an analysis of the balance of power within the European Union among Member States both in terms of capacities from the realist point of view and in terms of bargaining power in EU institutions.
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