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Democracy for better or for worse? Assessing Poland’s upcoming elections

In her article, Danielle Piatkiewicz assesses the May presidential elections in Poland, taking place during the COVID–19 pandemic.

Brief on Covid-19: National governments, not the EU, sleepwalked into the corona crisis

In his brief, Christian Kvorning Lassen writes that on January 26, the EU’s Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) warned Member States that Covid-19 infection spread in Europe would be probable and considerable. The EU offered in January to support Member States with purchasing of medical equipment, test kits, protective gear, and general support. Member States refused the EU’s help in January, stating that their health care systems were adequately prepared for the Virus. 

REPORT: How will coronavirus affect the EU’s future?

“Among other things, coronavirus is influencing the negotiations on the form of the multiannual financial framework, which was one of this year’s main topics.” writes Euroskop in a report from our debate “EU ± // What will happen to the EU after a coronavirus pandemic?”

How could COVID-19 pandemic affect climate change

Kateřina Šubová explores, in her latest blog, the question of “How could COVID-19 pandemic affect climate change?”

Prague Climate Talks 2020 – debates about climate change

We are happy to announce the continuation of the Prague Climate Talks project – a platform for high-level discussion on the complex issue of climate change. The project will again host a series of debates with experts, professionals from varying relevant fields and the general public.

INVITATION: Café Evropa online: Western Balkans and EU

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy invites you to the next debate in the Café Evropa series. Like the previous debate it will be broadcast online for anti-coronavirus measures. The debate will focus on the Western Balkans and the European Union.