Council and European Council after the Lisbon treaty / Invitation

The Council of the EU and European Council underwent a significant transformation with the Lisbon Treaty. The European Council is now chaired by permanent president and not by rotating Council Presidency representative. The Foreign Affairs Council is presided by the High Representative for the EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and respective committees are chaired by members of the European External Action Service, which represents the EU interest in third countries. Problems of the common currency also forced member states to seek solutions which are outside the current Treaty framework. Logical forum for such debates was the European Council.

Can we, thus, conclude that the intergovernmental paradigm prevails over the supranational? Is there a division between the euro and non-euro area in the Council? And in which position are now the middle sized member states, Czech Republic alike?

These questions will be discussed on the eleventh expert seminar organised by the Association for International Affairs in the project called Challenging the Czech Tales on European Policies, which is supported by the Open Society Foundations. Learn more at

Speakers include:

MAREK MORA, Head of the EU Council Secretary-General’s Private Office


Working language: Czech

Time and venue:
Monday, November 19, 2012, 15:00 – 16:30
European House, Jungmannova 24, Prague 1 – Nove Mesto