Conference Eastern Partenrship: Towards Civil Society Forum


International Conference
5-6 May 2009, Prague

On 7 May 2009 a summit will take place in Prague, where a political declaration establishing the “Eastern Partnership“ is expected to be adopted. The goal of the initiative is to deepen the European Union‘s cooperation with 6 countries of the region – Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

On this occasion the Association for International Affairs will organize an international
conference with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and in cooperation with Prague Security Studies Institute (CZ), Institute for International Relations (CZ), Institute for Security and Development Policy (SE), East European Democratic Center (PL), Zagranica Group (PL), Polish Institute of International Affairs (PL), European Partnership for DemocracyEuropean Council on Foreign RelationsHeinrich Boell Foundation and other partners. The conference will be held as an official side-event of the Czech EU Presidency.

The main objective of the conference will be to facilitate dialogue of civil society of EU
Member States and Eastern Partnership countries on the importance, content and practical implementation of the initiative and formulate specific recommendations for its dynamic development. More than 50 representatives of non-governmental sector from both Eastern Partnership countries and EU member countries as well as representatives of European institutions have been invited. The conference will host up to 120 participants.

The conference is planned as a two-day event. On Tuesday 5 May 2009, workshops will be organized at which the invited experts will finalize the draft recommendations for practical implementation of the initiative and the future work of the proposed Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. On Wednesday 6 May 2009, the plenary session of the conference will be held. At the end of the session, final recommendations will be presented to representatives of EU Presidencies, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the European Commission.

The conference is intended for civil society representatives of the EU and Eastern
Partnership countries, EU countries and institutions representatives, academia, and foreign and domestic professionals.

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