CEELI Institute: This Giving Tuesday, Take Action to Defend the Rule of Law

2020 has been a year of unexpected trials. We have all been called on to adapt and overcome these challenges in new and creative ways. The CEELI Institute has risen to the tasks presented, and we have worked hard to repurpose and reimagine our tools and platforms as we continue to fulfill our mission of advancing the Rule of Law. We are grateful to you, our extended Institute family, for supporting us through this period of change and growth.

The CEELI Institute remains committed to globalizing the rule of law, but that effort faces new roadblocks. The COVID-19 pandemic is being misused by some governments as an excuse to roll back civil rights and liberties. In some cases, these are not temporary stopgap measures, but permanent changes to the legal order.

The rule of law is under attack, but the Institute is stepping up to support those who are fighting back.

This work demands that we explore new approaches and undertake new initiatives. This #GivingTuesday we ask you to consider supporting us in these efforts. Your contribution in any amount helps us in our fight to continue defending the rule of law in a world where it is at peril.

Help us defend the rule of law – we will miss it when it’s gone.

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Thank you