Annual Forum 2000 conference starts this Sunday

The 25th Forum 2000 Conference titled What Now? Building Back Democratically will take place on October 10-12, 2021. The program will be accompanied by the Festival of Democracy on October 10-16, 2021. 

Slowly, the world is approaching the post-Covid era. So, what now? How should we, the global democratic community, build back better? For democracy, the pandemic has become a great test – both challenge and an opportunity. On one hand, Covid-19 unquestionably contributed to the global democratic decline. On the other, it has focused minds, inspired new ideas, and shed light on problems that have long remained unaddressed. It is up to us to use the opportunities of the post-pandemic era and not be intimidated by its adversities. The Forum 2000 meeting will discuss ways democratic community needs to come together vis-à-vis the rising challenges, focusing principally on the following themes:

  • Global cooperation of democracies
  • The contest between authoritarianism and democracy in the digital realm
  • The renewal of democracy via active citizenship

You can find more information on the Forum 2000 website and on social networks.