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Connecting V4 and other regional expert networks & researching the potential for future EU coalitions: V4 & Baltics

With the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, the internal dynamics between the countries comprising the bloc undergo significant changes. New alliances are being established between the European regional groupings that share common positions. Among them, the Visegrad Group and the Baltic States share their relationship to the the Eastern Partnership region, which offers possibilities for common initiatives and cooperation not only in this area.

Online Database of Female Experts in Czech Foreign Policy is here!

The on-line Database was created in response to manels (panels occupied solely by men), which are still very frequent in public debates, even though we live in the 21st century and the unequal representation of men and women in public space should no longer be acceptable. Therefore, AMO decided to show that women – experts are here and they want to be heard in all spheres of society. We hope that the Database will be used (and not only) in the creation of panels in public debates, or in search for experts to express their opinions in the media. If you are a female expert in any given field overlapping Czech Foreign Policy, please, do not hesitate to join the Database!

How China and India are Competing in Vaccine Diplomacy

Who is China’s major competitor in vaccine diplomacy? The first Quad summit brought together the United States, Australia, Japan and India to work together to develop, fund and distribute vaccines to weaken the influence of Chinese vaccine diplomacy. The key country is India, which has the potential to match Chinese influence thanks to the developed pharmaceutical industry. How are Indian vaccines doing in the EU and developing countries? Read the full article by Veronika Blablová on the MapInfluence project website.