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Germany’s EU Council presidency paves the way for closer European cooperation – and draws Czechia into it

In her recent article, Vendula Karásková argues, that Czechia expects the German presidency to successfully complete the negotiations on the 2021-2027 MFF and Recovery Fund as soon as possible and to find a way out of the current deadlock.

Private Military and Security Companies: Their Global Champions, and Ramifications for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization


The recent article by Alžběta Bajerová and Michal Bokša provides an insight into current modus operandi of Russian and Chinese PMSCs and offers predictive assessments regarding their future use, with the purpose of drawing the resulting implications for NATO’s interests and security in its Areas of Relevance.

Connecting V4 and other regional expert networks & researching potential for future EU coalitions: V4 & Benelux

The new commentary by Vendula Karásková argues that the bottom-up approach and strengthening of expert cooperation could help with overcoming the regional differences and finding more durable forms of cooperation.

New Russian team of MapInfluenCE

As influence campaigns gain sophistication and the peddlers of such influence grow more numerous, so too must researchers become more diligent and attentive in their monitoring of such activity. As such, we are happy to announce MapInfluenCE’s expansion. While keeping our main focus on China, in our future research, we will also seek to uncover how the Russian and Chinese influence efforts in Czechia, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia interact, what are the intersections of their interests and where their goals diverge.