AMO is to focus on Czech-Russian relations

AMO, with the help of Open Society Fund Praha, is launching a new project on Czech-Russian relations.

The Czech political parties are (deliberately) indifferent to the future of Czech-Russian relations and the topic is not discussed in their election programs. Thus, the vastly ambivalent general public is even more disoriented. However, the future of Czech-Russian relations will be largely outlined by the outcome of the parliamentary elections and the decisions that will be made in the upcoming months, when the revision of the Czech Republic’s strategy towards Moscow will be drafted. Additionally, President Miloš Zeman is expected to conclude new cooperation agreements during his November visit to Russia.

AMO therefore decided to launch a new project to enter into an expert debate on the new strategy of the Czech Republic towards Russia in order to influence its final form.

The project was initiated by an expert round table. This event will serve as a platform for a policy paper will that will present our vision of what our relations with Russia should look like. AMO will actively identify the position of political parties towards Russia, and thanks to web gamification, it will provide the voters with an opportunity to compare their preferences with the actual offer of political parties in the October election.