National Convention on EU Affairs: Strategic autonomy of the European Union

Our institute is a guarantee of the National Convention on EU Affairs on the topic of Strategic autonomy of the European Union, which will take place online on Friday 21 May.

Impacts of the Covid pandemic on the democracies of EU countries

Christian Kvorning Lassen from the Institute for European Policy EUROPEUM together with Jan Kovář from the Institute of International Relations wrote a comment “Disastrous pandemic management puts the Czech Republic at a critical democratic juncture” for the EPIN Report on the impact of the COVID pandemic on EU democracies.

EngagEU –

The EngagEU ( project aims to promote citizens’ involvement in the issues of green transformation and post-pandemic recovery of Europe by creating a space for their active participation in an open discussion on key issues for the European Union and the Czech Republic. Through an interactive web-based environment, it offers the general public the opportunity to gain an understanding of the European Parliament, its work, and current activities that have an impact on the daily lives of citizens.
The project is implemented by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and with the support of the European Parliament. Question of Balkan borders

Our research fellow Jana Juzová commented on the current situation in the Balkans for In her article, our researcher explains the tense situation which escalated after two non-papers were published, concerning the possible redistribution of territories and border changes in the Western Balkans.

ČRo Plus: Balkan non-papers propose solutions to long-standing disputes. But it means more for the nationalists, says an analyst

Our Research Fellow Jana Juzová spoke for ČRo Plus on Balkan non-papers. According to her, the first non-paper was much more radical than the second.

Balkan Insight: Kellner’s Death: The Beginning of the End of an Era

Our Research Fellow Vít Havelka commented for the Balkan Insight server recent sudden death of the Czech businessman Petr Kellner. The article presents the impact of the tragic death on Kellner’s PPF Group.