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COMMENTARIES: European Council meeting on 25 and 26 March

Experts from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy comment on the EU leaders’ videosummit, which took place on 25-26 March 2021.

  • Christian Kvorning Lassen: COVID-19 – despite Member State disunity, the conclusions were unanimous and clear
  • Kateřina Davidová: Climate sidelined at the summit, despite major legislation coming up
  • Žiga Faktor: EU and Turkey – 2021 as an opportunity to restart the relationship
  • Vít Havelka: EU plans to levy digital services
  • Danielle Piatkiewicz: America is back, back at the ‘virtual’ global table
  • Charlotte Bufano: The International Role of the Euro – The Four R’s as integral pillars

ČRo Radiozurnal: Can relations between the European Union and Turkey be expected to improve?

The head of our Brussels office spoke about the current improvement in relations between Ankara and Brussels. He attributes Erdoğan’s turn in rhetoric not only to the outcome of the US elections, after which Turkey lost a significant teammate, but also to the upcoming elections in Germany, which may result in a significantly less conciliatory chancellor than Angela Merkel. Conference on the future of Europe as a game of citizen involvement

In an article for, Vít Havelka summarizes how current political and social problems affecting the popularity of the European Union have been reflected in the content of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

ČRo Plus: In the Western Balkans, there is a risk of increased influence of foreign participants

The director of our institute, Vladimir Bartovic, commented on the current situation in the Western Balkans. Interest in the countries is declining on the part of the EU due to the COVID-19 crisis, when the countries of the Western Balkans have to procure vaccines themselves.

Euractiv: Czech public broadcaster’s independence threatened ahead of elections

In our Café Evropa debate, Věra Jourová, Vice-President of the European Commission, stated that she is worried about Czech Television. The Brussels portal Euractiv subsequently informed about the situation around the television, whose independence is in jeopardy. The article also informs about the possibility of replacing the director of Czech Television, Petr Dvořák, before the October parliamentary elections.