Latin American Insight: General Elections in Guatemala 2011

The second scholarly article devoted to the “General Elections in Guatemala 2011” was released within the Latin American Insight series. The article deals with the current situation in Guatemala before the September elections in the context of sociopolitical development in the country in recent decades and offers an overview of the main political actors. The author of the article is Álvaro Dubón González, a former Member of the Central American Parliament and the General Manager of the Supreme Court of Guatemala.

“On September 11, general elections will be held in Guatemala. A fact that generates enthusiasm in other latitudes becomes a reason for headache for the ordinary Guatemalan citizen. Let us take into account that in the last 25 years more than 58 political parties have re¨¨gistered in the country; the vast majority of them no longer legally exist as they served only to satisfy the interests of pseudo-politicians who were themselves auctioned off to the most successful bidder or simply failed to reach the minimum number of votes necessary to preserve its validity in the national political scene.”

The complete study can be downloaded in Czech or Spanish here.

Latin American Insight is a series of articles which focuses on analyzing current Latin American issues. This project was initiated by Respekt Institut in cooperation with the Forum 2000 Foundation and the Association for International Affairs. Its aim is to raise the level of knowledge about Latin American reality in the Czech Republic.