CEELI Newsletter Fall 2016

Voices of the Next Generation: Bringing Change to the Middle East

Over the past year, the CEELI Institute and the International Bar Association (IBA) partnered to organize a ground breaking program bringing together young lawyers from the Middle East to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the role international law can play in resolving this conflict. This diverse group of young lawyers has met quarterly at the Institute in Prague for a series of three-day meetings, during which participants came to know one another, and employed communication techniques that enabled them to speak honestly, exchange views, examine applicable principles of international law, and jointly explore difficult, emotional issues affecting Israel and Palestine…

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Justice Kennedy Joins CEELI/IBA Event

The CEELI Institute was delighted to join with the IBA in hosting U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy on September 23, in Washington, DC, at the IBA Rule of Law Forum. CEELI Institute Founder and Board Chair Homer Moyer moderated a discussion with the Justice on issues related to the role of the judiciary, the meaning of the Rule of Law, and the application of international law as a reference point for the Court. The Justice also took questions from the audience.  It was an inspirational and informative session, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Belgrade: The 2016 Conference of Chief Justices of Central and Eastern Europe

The CEELI Institute was delighted to again support the work of the Conference of Chief Justices of Central and Eastern Europe, which was hosted in June of this year, in Belgrade, by the Supreme Cassational Court of Serbia.  The Conference is now a self-sustaining body that has met annually since its inception in 2011…

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CEELI at Forum 2000

Forum 2000 (www.forum2000.cz) is an annual convocation n Prague to honor the legacy of Václav Havel by supporting the values of democracy and respect for human rights. The Forum provides a platform for global leaders to openly debate and share thoughts on this critical issue…

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CEELI at The Hague: An Update on CEELI Judicial Tools

CEELI Institute Executive Director Christopher Lehmann and Judge Cristi Danilet from Romania recently led a panel at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Administrative Courts (IACA) held in the The Hague in May, where they were asked to present the CEELI Institute’s The Manual on Independence, Impartiality and Integrity of Justice…

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Special Thanks to our Great Summer Interns!

The Institute gives special thanks to our two great 2016 summer interns, Sarah McMerty, an undergraduate student majoring in Business Management and Political Science at Tulane University, and Caroline Drinnon, a law student at William and Mary Law School.

US and Pakistani Judges Meet at the CEELI Institute

The CEELI Institute was delighted to recently welcome our first-ever delegation from Pakistan.  In late August, the US Embassy in Islamabad (INL), the US Department of Justice (OPDAT) and the US Federal Judicial Center organized a joint exchange at the Institute bringing together Judges of the Lahore High Court (Punjab Province) and the US federal judiciary for several days of in-depth dialogue on issues of case management and court administration.  Among those participating in the discussions was Federal Judicial Center Director, Judge Jeremy Fogel.

NGO’s as Judicial Watchdogs: A New Report and Recommendations

The CEELI Institute is gratified to have participated in the preparation of a landmark effort to promote and define the role of NGOs in monitoring court proceedings and the function of the judiciary.  The final project report, NGOs and the Judiciary: Watchdog Activities, Interactions, Collaboration, and Communication, was recently published by the Warsaw based Polish NGO, the Institute for Law and Society (INPRIS). The publication represents the culmination of a two-year effort, funded by the International Visegrad Fund (www.visegradfund.org) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. The CEELI Institute was one of six key NGOS contributing to this effort, along with counterparts in Poland, Slovakia, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia…

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Looking Ahead…

The CEELI Institute is looking forward to a busy fall schedule for 2016. Upcoming events include:

  • Anti-Corruption Training:Tunis, October 4-5
  • Building Public Trust in the Judiciary: Tunis, October 8-9
  • Regional Meeting, Central and East European Judicial Network: Lake Ohid, Macedonia, October 28-29
  • Judicial Adjudication of Terrorism Cases: Malta, November 1-3
  • Investigating and Prosecuting Official Corruption: Prague, November 14-18