CEELI Institute Unveils Its New Website for 2024

The CEELI Institute is excited to announce the launch of its new public website, featuring a refreshed design, smoother navigation, and easier mobile accessibility to help deepen engagement with its key audiences around the world.
“After nearly 25 years of service to the rule of law, the CEELI Institute continues to expand its judicial networks and anticorruption efforts, and strengthen our overall legal programming,” said CEELI Executive Director Robert R. Strang. “Our new digital home catches up with our past development and positions us for many more years of future success.”
Built in partnership with the London-based studio, Bouncing Bean, the new site includes several technology and organizational upgrades to facilitate information access and improve information hierarchy.

“At its core, the goal of this project was to help CEELI communicate its mission, connect with key audiences, and align its technology for success,” said Clara Whicher-Grant, co-founder of the Bouncing Bean creative studio. “As the Institute builds on its legacy of protecting the rule of law, its new website will give it the tools to grow.”

Responsive Design

Previously, visitors using tablets or mobile devices had difficulty viewing the full suite of Institute content. The upgraded site has been optimized with a responsive design to boost the mobile experience.

Faster Loading, Better Security

To facilitate site access in regions with poor internet connectivity, performance has been enhanced to reduce load times. The site was also built with the latest technology to protect against potential cyber attacks.

Improved Navigation and Smoother User Experience

The CEELI Institute runs more than 80 programs a year on a wide variety of legal topics. To make these priority areas more visible and to explain what we do and how we do it, the new site incorporates improved navigation and a logical visual hierarchy. User experience was also improved through a refreshed color palette and brand identity.

New Sections

Several new sections were reshaped to showcase the breadth of Institute programming and the impact of its activities. An updated “About Us” section provides a detailed overview of CEELI’s history, goals, values, people, and supporters. A new “Network” section presents updates on CEELI’s work with judicial networks in Central and Eastern Europe and in Africa, from the latest roundtable with the African Judicial Exchange Network to their new case management guidelines developed in partnership with CEELI.

Villa Grébovka Microsite

With its modern training and residential facilities, Villa Grébovka, the picturesque home of the CEELI Institute, makes the perfect venue for hosting private events. To streamline the space rental process and showcase the building’s unique history, the recent upgrades included creation of a new online home for the Villa: https://villagrebovka.cz/.