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Around the Bloc: Croatian Politicians Divided Over Proposal to Revive WWII-Era Salute
Historical commission issues recommendations that Ustashe-era salute could be used under certain circumstances, while some argue that it should be buried altogether.
1 March 2018

Arts & Culture: The Museum of Anti-Terrorist Operations
What was thought as a way to remember the victims of a bloody conflict, and point fingers at the enemy, might turn out to be a unique instrument of identity-building in Ukraine.
28 February 2018

Around the Bloc: New Details Emerge in the Case of Murdered Slovak Journalist
Jan Kuciak had been investigating links between Slovak politicians and the Italian mafia organization ‘Ndrangheta.
28 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Diplomatic Row Brews Over a Death in South Ossetia
Authorities in the breakaway statelet claim a Georgian terrorist suspect died of heart failure after resisting his captors.
27 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Tech Giants vs. Russian Censor
In incidents involving two Kremlin critics, social media moguls probe the limits of Russia’s clampdown on dissent.
27 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Syrian Kurdish Leader Freed From Czech Detention
Turkey accuses Salih Muslim of helping plan Ankara bomb atrocity in 2016.
27 February 2018


Serbia Unveils Controversial Monument to Yugoslav Officer
Ignoring Zagreb’s scorn, Serbian ministers and others honor a man whose legacy is interpreted in radically different ways in each country.
2 October 2017

Four Dead in Tbilisi Anti-Terror Operation
Authorities have not confirmed reports gunmen who killed a security officer were Chechens.
23 November 2017


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