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Around the Bloc: Scientists Probe Baikal Seal Deaths
The die-off of the unique animals is bringing overfishing, pollution
and other pressing environmental issues into focus.
2 November 2017

Around the Bloc: Moldovans Don’t Speak Romanian, Angry Dodon Declares
The outside world sees little difference between the main languages
spoken in the neighbor countries, but many Moldovans beg to differ.
2 November 2017

Around the Bloc: Is Interpol Becoming a Tool for Tyrants?
Greece’s detention of a Tajik oppositionist has again raised questions
about the abuse of the international criminal notice system.
2 November 2017

Around the Bloc: Environmental Costs Mar Mongolia’s Rapid Modernization
The cold season is upon Ulaanbaatar and fears of a sky polluted
by ash and dust surface again.
1 November 2017

Around the Bloc: Ukrainian Investigators Pore Over Manafort Indictment
U.S. authorities have so far not responded to Kyiv’s request for
cooperation, Ukrainian prosecutor complains.
1 November 2017

Around the Bloc: Czech Towns Mull Drastic Move Against ‘Maladjusted’ Poor
A new law gives municipalities the power to exclude recipients
of housing subsidies.
1 November 2017

Around the Bloc: Trans-Caucasus Railway Opens
Decades in the making, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars could further isolate Armenia.
31 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Wife of Chechen Man Accused in Putin Plot Killed
The couple, who survived a previous assassination attempt in
June, were attacked just outside Kyiv
31 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Kyrgyz Culture Minister Victim of Mummy’s Curse
Self-professed psychics claimed the spirit world demanded the
return of the centuries-old woman’s preserved remains.
31 October 2017

Russia to Step Up Arctic Development          
While Putin talks energy projects and security in the far north, Deputy                              PM Rogozin promises to protect its fragile environment.         
30 March 2017

Chernobyl Dead Zone Teeming With Animal Life          
Populations of deer, wolves and other big animals have grown dramatically                   
in the absence of human predators since the 1986 disaster.
7 October 2015