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March 21

Brother of Kosovo Premier Sought German Asylum
Other relatives of Isa Mustafa among many thousand Kosovans who requested asylum in the EU last year.

Kazakh President’s Party in Resounding but Predictable Election Win
Unlike the state of the Central Asian country’s economy, the results of the early parliamentary vote were never seriously in doubt.

Russian Investigators Probe FlyDubai Crash
High winds, crew error, or a technical malfunction have all been suggested as causes for the south Russian disaster that killed 62.

Nadia Savchenko Guilty of Murder
Russian court verdict means the Ukrainian pilot could face 23 years in prison – or be swapped for captive Russian soldiers.

March 22

Tajikistan President’s New Initiative: Wrestling, Riding, and Horticultural Holidays
President Emomali Rahmon suggests holding the holidays on consecutive days in the latest of a series of eccentric proposals.

Concern Over Prosecution of Migrants With Infirmities In Hungary
The trial of a partially blind housewife and wheelchair-bound former biology student is being viewed as a snapshot of a continent that is rescinding its welcome to migrants.

Big Rise In Number of Russian Living In Poverty
Nearly 20 million people are now eking out a living on wages which are below the poverty line, latest state statistics show.

Russia And China Compete In New Central Asia Great Game
China’s ambitions for the region are reported to cause concern in Moscow that its diplomatic influence in an area once part of the Soviet Union may be receding.

Mongolia Faces Hardship as Commodities Prices Slump
Economy is overly dependent on Chinese demand for copper, coal and other resources, critics of government policy argue.


The Road Ahead
Foreign business people are pushing trade policies that may harm Mongolian democracy and national security.
By Alicia Campi

One Flew Over Putin’s Nest
Recent evidence suggests that punitive psychiatry may have not left Russia
By Nickolai Butkevich

The Yahoos and Bullies Who Wear White Coats
Add humiliation, even beatings, to the list of things a Russian hospital patient has to worry about.
By Galina Stolyarova

Foreign Tourists Flock to Ruble-Weak Russia
The number of foreign visitors is expected to soar in the summer as foreigners take advantage of the weakness of the Russian currency.
By Piers Lawson