People in Need

 People in Need (PIN) focuses on relief aid, development cooperation and support of human rights and democratic freedom. In the Czech Republic, People in Need implements social integration programs and provides informative and educational activities. Established in 1992 by Czech journalists and former dissidents, PIN is today one of the largest organizations of its kind in post-communist Europe, and has implemented projects in fourty countries over the past twenty years.

PIN’s Center for Human Rights and Democracy is engaged in the following areas:

  • Delivering direct assistance to politically persecuted individuals and their families (financial aid, medical aid, legal aid, advocacy)
  • Direct assistance to dissidents and pro-democracy groups operating in challenging environments (material and technical aid, capacity building and training)
  • NGO and civil sector capacity building (training, study trips to the Czech Republic, small grant programs) and local democracy assistance program (cooperation with local authorities, transition of Czech experiences)
  • Providing various forms of support to independent media and journalists
  • Sharing experience of the Czech and Central European transition to democracy with representatives of civil societies and human rights defenders from countries with restrictive regimes (study trips to the Czech Republic, internships for young leaders, seminars and training in target countries, publishing study materials)
  • Networking, coordination and cooperation with NGOs from the EU member states in the field of human rights protection, democracy promotion and transfer of transition know-how
  • Promoting of the cooperation of the state and non-state actors in the field of human rights protection and democracy promotion
  • Advocacy on behalf of human rights defenders and activists from countries with restrictive regimes in the Czech Republic, Central Europe as well as at the EU level
  • Organisation of the annual One World Documentary Film Festival – one of the largest human rights film festival in Europe. Apart from screening films in Prague and a number of Czech cities and Brussels, One World is assisting NGOs in other countries to develop their own human rights film events (
  • PIN awards the annual Homo Homini Award to an individual who has shown extraordinary personal courage and commitment to promoting democracy, human rights and peace
Contact person: Sylva Horakova
Deputy Director – Center for Human Rights and Democracy
Adresa: People in Need
Šafaříkova 635/24
120 00  Praha 2
Telefon: +420 226 200 401