PASOS, the Policy Association for an Open Society

PASOS, a network of more than 30 independent think-tanks in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, supports policy centres in promoting open society values, including democracy, good governance, the rule of law and human rights. The Prague-based Secretariat organises seminars, conferences, and project development meetings, co-ordinates training in public policy, and is developing standards for public policy research and think-tank governance. PASOS conducts joint cross-border projects and joint advocacy to strengthen the voice of think-tanks from the new EU members and their eastern neighbours at the EU level, in other European structures, and in the wider neighbourhood of Europe and Central Asia.

In 2007, PASOS published a report for the European Parliament on The Challenge of European Development Co-operation Policy for New Member States, followed in 2008 by a ground-breaking new research publication, Democracy’s New Champions. European Democracy Assistance after EU Enlargement, a PASOS study into the democracy assistance policies of the Visegrad Four countries.

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